Our “Premium” Fresh Salads are the choices included in the SFC PACKAGES.

To Order “Salads Only” the cost per Salad is $2.50 per person for our “Premium” range, $3.40pp for our “Classic” range and $3.85pp for our “Gourmet” range. Also listed in our “Cold Platters” menu.

All prices quoted are excluding GST and a 10% GST applies.

“Premium” Fresh Salads:

  1. Garden Fresh Tossed Salad
  2. Premium Coleslaw
  3. Special Creamy Pasta
  4. Italian Pasta Salad
  5. Satay Pasta Salad
  6. Classic Potato Salad
  7. Mediterranean Anti Pasto Potato Salad
  8. Tropical Hawaiian Mango Coconut Rice Salad
  9. Curry and Cashew Rice Salad
  10. Jamaican Rice
  11. Carrot and Walnut Delight
  12. Chickpea, Three Bean and Tomato Salsa Salad
  13. Mauritian Cous Cous and Green Lentil Salad
  14. Corn Salad


“Classic” Fresh Salads:
A surcharge from $1.00pp applies – please check at time of booking.

  1. Chicken Pasta in Mustard Mayonnaise
  2. Vegetable Pasta
  3. Seafood Coriander Pasta
  4. Wild Rice and Chickpea
  5. Tabouleh
  6. Old Fashioned Potato
  7. Potato, Bacon & Egg
  8. Creamy German Potato
  9. Lebanese Lentil
  10. Waldorf
  11. Greek Salad


“Gourmet” Fresh Salads:
A surcharge from $2.00pp applies – please check at time of booking.

  1. Chicken Caesar Salad
  2. Roasted Tomato Cous Cous
  3. Wild Rice, Chick Pea and Smoked Salmon
  4. Thai Beef Salad
  5. Roasted Vegetable Salad
  6. Pumpkin Cous Cous
  7. Ebly Salad
  8. Gourmet Tomato
  9. Beetroot, Spinach and Feta Salad
  10. Broccoli, Bacon & Almonds
  11. Chicken & Noodle in Coriander Pesto


For a fully printable version of the menu please click on Fresh Salads menu.

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