Delicious! Nutritious! Satisfying! A Hit Always! Simply announce “Hot Roast Meat Rolls!” and you will have more takers than you can shake a stick at! This option is delicious, practical and perfect for picnics, birthday bashes, office parties, a serious working lunch…and no one does Hot Roast Rolls better than Sydney Functions Catering!

We have created three of the best value Hot Roast Roll options with a choice of interesting fillings. Now you can even have a Christmas Party with Hot Roast Turkey & Ham Rolls!

Take a look at our options or call us and we’d be happy to assist with your event requirements.

Option 1:

Drop Off Roast Beef Roll and Gravy Deal: from only $7.95 pp +GST.

We deliver fresh pre-cut crusty long Bread Rolls, sliced roast beef in ovenable and microwaveable foil trays and the gravy in microwaveable plastic containers.

You simply warm the meat and the gravy and you have a delicious Roast Beef Rolls party! You can replace roast beef with any other meat* from the list below or order a salad filler for the rolls like shredded lettuce and tomato or a coleslaw from our Option 1 Salads list, for an additional $2pp. Popular, economical, substantial and a great Fundraising idea.

For our Drop Off Service, the minimum order value is $350 +GST. A delivery fee from $55 also applies.

Option 2:

Fully Catered Finger Foods & Buffet Hot Beef Rolls : from just $15.95pp +GST for 100+ guests. A real winner with young crowds, great for 21st! This great value deal includes all the trimmings of our Fully Catered Service listed below and serving occurs over a two hour period starting with finger foods.

In the first hour, a selection of 4 Option 1 Finger Foods of your choice will be freshly prepared and plattered at regular intervals by our uniformed Chef. Finger foods can be either provided on platters for you to serve guests, self service buffet style, or, if you wish, we can organize a hired waiting or bar staff to serve guests.

In the second hour of service we will serve delicious Hot Beef Roast Rolls and gravy on serviettes from a nicely laid out buffet table. Once again you can swap the roast beef with any other meats* from the list below. For 100+ guest you may have half and half of two variety of meats. You may wish to add a salad filler in the rolls like Shredded Lettuce and Tomato or a Coleslaw from our Option 1 Salad list for only a $2 pp.

Please note: we’re more than happy to quote options on this service for under 100 guests so please contact us for assistance.

Option 3:

Fully Catered Buffet Hot Roast Beef Rolls Deal: …$7.95pp +GST for 100+ guests Delicious Hot Roast Beef Rolls and Gravy will be served on serviettes from the buffet table.

You can swap the roast beef with any of the other meats* from the list below. For 100+ guest you may have half and half of two varieties of meats. For $2pp you may wish to add a salad filler in the roll from our Option 1 Salads list, such as Shredded Lettuce & Tomato or Coleslaw. This value package includes all the trimmings of our Fully Catered service listed below. Economical yet stylish offering for large numbers of guest.

PS: Ask us how you can have this service when your numbers are under 100 guests.

Meats On Offer:

Roast Beef
Roast Pork
Roast Veal
Roast Silverside
Roast Lamb*
Chicken Kebabs (Special Spice or Satay, as a Hot Roll offering only)

Christmas Meats:

Apricot Glazed Leg Ham*
Cranberry Glazed Roast Breast of Turkey*

* These meats attract a $2pp surcharge because of their higher market cost.

Over $350 worth of value inclusions in our Fully Catered Buffet service:

  • Buffet tables fitted with your choice of Navy or Red table cloths.
  • Side-kick tables with fitted table cloths where needed.
  • Stainless Steel Chafers with gel burners.
  • Gastronome trays.
  • Salad bowls
  • Serving utensils and bread baskets.
  • Portable cooking equipment and gas.
  • 20 million public liability insurance. Your assurance!
  • Caterer

All prices are ex GST and a 10% GST must be added.

Please Click on the links if you wish to add some Platters or Desserts to your Menu.

For birthday or celebratory cakes please ask for our Cake Menu.

We can provide you with disposable dinnerware or real crockery & cutlery and all other Party Hire needs.

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