$1.95 ea – $95.00 ea – ex GST

Both Drop-Off and Staff Assisted service is available for this menu.

We are pleased to provide you with a delightful choice of items below but we are not limited to this range alone. So please discuss with us any preferences and we will endeavour to oblige.

Please contact us for any help you may need in selecting your menu. We will be glad to assist.

Portioned Assorted Cakes (by box of 15)

Total minimum order for these items only of $120 ex GST must be met.  Please check at time of enquiry.


Portioned 4 x 4 cm cake pieces in lots of 15 only……………………$30.00 per box 15.

  • Portioned 4 x 4 cm cake pieces in lots of 15 only.
  1. Apple Crumble
  2. Baked Cheese Cake
  3. Black Forest Cake
  4. Bon Vivant (hazelnut cake topped with baked chocolate mousse)
  5. Carrot Cake (iced)
  6. Caramel Slice
  7. Chocolate Brownie
  8. Chocolate Mud Cake
  9. Coconut Raspberry
  10. Vanilla Slice
Chocolate Profiteroles filled with cold custard (by 12)

Chocolate Profiteroles filled with cold custard (by 12) – cost $2.20 ea

Croissants (order by 12)

Croissants (order by 12’s)

Plain Cocktail Butter (25g) – $2.00 ea

Ham and Cheese (Large) – $5.95 ea

Fresh Baked Danishes (order by 6’s)

Fresh Baked Danishes (order by 6’s) – cost $2.95 ea





Custard and Fresh Fruit



Poppyseed Roll

Fresh baked delicious breakfast Muffins (order by 12’s)

Fresh baked delicious breakfast Muffins (order by 12’s) – cost $2.95 ea

Apple and Cinnamon

Banana and Pecan


Double Chocolate Chip

Orange and Cranberry

Raspberry and White Chocolate

Fresh baked Assorted Friands (7cms, order by 15’s)

Fresh baked Assorted Friands (order by 12s)

  • 7 cm Friands @ $3.50 ea
  • 5 cm Friands @ $2.00 ea
Fancy Cup Cakes (order by 6’s)

Fancy Cup Cakes – 6 cm (order by 6’s) – cost $3.50 ea

Cup Cakes Faces Assorted – Chocolate, Pink, Vanilla

Classic Cup Cakes (order by 6’s)

Classic Cup Cakes – 6cm (order by 6’s) – cost $3.95 ea

Rum & Raisin


Strawberries & Cream

Rocky Road

Cherry Rough

Ebony & Ivory

Large Cookies (order by 10’s)

Large Cookies (order by 11’s) – cost $2.95 ea


Double Choc Chip

Macadamia and Choc

Rainbow Choc Chip

Large cookies Individually Wrapped

Large cookies Individually Wrapped – cost $3.15 ea

Anzac wrapped

Double Choc wrapped

Macadamia and Choc wrapped

Rainbow Choc Chip wrapped

Macaroons (order by 12’s)

Macaroons (order by 12’s) – cost $3.95 ea


*Blood Orange




Kaffir Lime Coconut

French Vanilla



*Raspberry Friand

*Salted Caramel


Assorted (12 Pack)- $49.00 box (flavours marked with an asterisk are included)

Scones 6.5 cm (order by 6’s)

Scones 6.5 cm (order by 6’s)

Plain Scones – $2.00 ea

Pumpkin – $2.00 ea

Fruit – $2.00 ea

Date – $2.00 ea

Date/Oat/Honey Wedge (11x11x11cm)…$2.50 ea

Wildberry (11x11x11cm triangle)….$2.50 ea

Donuts (order by 6s or cocktail by 12’s)

Donuts Large – 9.5 cm (order by 6’s) – cost $2.50 ea






Passion Fruit

Jam Ball

Custard Ball

Donuts Cocktail – 7 cm (order by 12’s) – cost $2.20 ea


Custard Ball

Jam Ball

Iced Assorted

Tarts – Cocktail

Tarts Cocktail 7 cm (by 6s) – cost $4.30 ea 


Apple Crumble


Chocolate Swirl

Lemon Meringue

Mixed Fruit



Lamingtons (order by 12’s)

Lamingtons Large 6x6cm (order by 12s) – cost $2.95 ea

Lamingtons with Jam & Cream 6x6cm (order by 12s) – cost $3.50 ea

Taste of Greece

Taste of Greece


Almond Rolls 70g – 24 pk – $2.50 ea

Baklava 80g – 24 pk – $2.50 ea

Baklava – 18 pk – $3.50 ea

Custard Slice (Galaktobouriko) – 20 pk – $2.95 ea

Hazelnut Logs 60g – 16 pk – $3.95 ea

Other Complimenting Items

  • Sandwiches/Rolls/Wraps – minimum of 2 platters need to be ordered
  • Fruit Platter (for 25 persons)…………………………………….$98.00 ea
  • Fruit Platter (for 30-35 persons)…………………………$120.00 ea
Tea and Coffee (drop off service) ……………………………………..$2.50 pp
(Inclusions: Twinings English B’fast tea bags, Moccona Instant Coffee, sugar, full/light milk, disposable cafe style cups and teaspoons)
Note: Own urns will be required for a drop off service or we can arrange a hire where hire and cartage may apply.

 You may also wish to look at our Hot or Cold Breakfast options.

Call us for assistance or send us your order using our online enquiry form.

Note: For a drop off delivery requires a minimum order of $350 ex-GST. Delivery fee from $75(within 15 km of the Sydney CBD) applies for Drop-Off orders. Forty-Eight hours notice is required for delivery. If less than 48 hrs notice, please call our friendly team to see if we can accommodate your order.

Add $295 for a Staff Catered Service (INCLUSIONS: 1 staff for 4 hrs including set up and pack up, hire & cartage of urns when ordering Tea & Coffee, cafe style cups and plastic teaspoons when ordering tea and coffee, platters and serving utensils.

We can arrange additional staff if required.

Note :  Menu items may change due to seasonal factors and variance in availability.

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