$22.95++/pp ex GST

Service Type: (further details when you scroll to the bottom of the page)

  1. Staff Catered
  2. Drop Off

Package Details:

2, 3 or 4 Mains package is available and prices are listed in the grid below.  The number of hot accompaniments and salads are different based on the number of guests and as per the grid below.

Value / FREE Inclusions listed at the bottom of the page.

For additional staff prices, please refer to Staffing.

All prices are ex GST and a 10% GST must be added to all prices quoted.

For 75+
For 100+
2 Mains Package$25.95 pp$24.95 pp$22.95 pp
3 Mains Package$28.95 pp$27.95 pp$25.95 pp
4 Mains Package$31.95 pp$30.95 pp$28.95 pp
Salads (S) and
Hot Accompaniments (H)
2S + 1H, or
1S +2H, or
3 Salads
2S + 1H, or
1S + 2H, or
3 Salads
2S + 2H, or
3S + 1H, or
4 Salads
Additional Salads may be ordered at $2.95 pp from our “Premium” range of Salads
Other Salads choices available at prices quoted as per our Salads Menu.
Additional Hot Accompaniments may be ordered at $3.65 pp from the list below
plus any s/charge if applicable.
You may swap your Salad allocation with a Hot Accompaniment @ a s/ch of 2.95 pp.
Desserts Package Special: Choose Plum Pudding OR Fruit Salad for only $3.50 pp extra + cost of custard @ $0.45 pp.(Regularly at $3.95 + $0.45 pp)
Other Desserts available from our Desserts list at the prices quoted in this list.

NOTE: For numbers under 50, the number of Salads & Hot Accompaniments included is 1S + 1H.  Additional may be requested at an additional cost.


  • MAINS: Choose any 2, 3 OR 4 (BASED ON PRICE POINT SELECTED) from below:
  1. Honey & Orange Leg Ham served hot (w/ mustard) – GF
  2. Cinnamon Apple Roast Pork – GF
  3. Bordeaux Braised Beef – GF
  4. Roast Beef (w/ mustard) – GF
  5. Turkey & Cranberry – GF – S/charge $1.50 pp
  6. Chicken Breast OR Thigh Fillets – Maple Roasted – GF
  7. Chicken Breast OR Thigh fillets in a White Wine Mushroom Sauce
  8. Lime & Dill OR Moroccan Grilled Ocean Perch – GF
  1. Vegetable Lassagna – VG
  2. Paneer (Tofu – V) Makhani (Indian Cheese in a delicious tomato based sauce) – VG
  3. Sweet Potato & Pinenuts – V, DF, GF
  4. Eggplant Ratatouille or Indian Style Eggplant – V, DF, GF
  5. Cauliflower Cranberry Cous Cous – V, DF, GF
  6. Roasted Pumpkin, Quinoa & Cranberry – V, GF


Platters of Prawns, Freshly shucked Natural Oysters and Seafood platters available to order.  Call us for a quote or refer to the “Printable Menu” as per link below.


  • HOT ACCOMPANIMENTS: Choose from below as per package selected above. 
  1. Creamed Mushroom & Parsley Potato Bake – GF, VG
  2. Potato Dauphinoise (baked sliced potatoes with garlic and cream – optional bacon) – GF
  3. Truffle Loaded Mashed Potatoes – GF, VG
  4. Jacket (boiled) Potatoes – GF, V – with Leek & Sour Cream (served separate) – GF
  5. Potato, Herb & Cheese Bake – VG
  6. Roast Potatoes w/ Rosemary & Garlic – V
  7. Roast Vegetables done in Rosemary & Olive Oil (s/charge $2.50 pp)
  8. Hot Vegetables (Corn, Peas and Carrots) done in butter – GF, VG
  9. Carrots done in butter – GF, VG
  10. Chilli Corn Coriander and Lime – GF, VG
  11. Chick Pea, Pumpkin and Cous Cous – V
  12. Delicious Fried Rice (with bacon – optional) and prawns – GF
  13. Pasta Marinara Bake
  14. Pasta Napolitana w/ parmesan – VG
  15. Aromatic Pilaf Rice – V


  • SALADS: Choose as per package above.  For other salad choices please refer to our generic Salads Menu.
    Additional Salads may be ordered from $2.95 pp from our list above or from our “Premium” range of Salads.
    You may wish to swap your Salad allocation with another Hot Accompaniment from the list below at a surcharge of $2.50 per person.
  1. Garden Fresh Tossed Salad – V,DF,GF
  2. Green Leaf & Pear Salad – V,DF,GF
  3. Premium Coleslaw – VG
  4. Asian Coleslaw – V,DF,GF
  5. Creamy Pasta Salad – VG; OR  Italian Pasta Salad – V,DF
  6. Classic Potato Salad – VG; OR Potato Sour Cream & Leek Salad – VG,GF
  7. Christmas Waldorf w/ Orange, Lemon & Cranberry – VG,GF
  8. Curry and Cashew Rice Salad – V,DF,GF
  9. Christmas Rice Salad w/ Berries & Almonds – V,DF,GF
  10. Kale Pumpkin & Quinoa w Maple & Hemp Dressing – V,DF,GF
  11. Black Rice w/ Coconut & Cranberry – V,DF,GF
  12. Pumpkin & Cranberry Cous Cous – V,DF


Fresh Dinner Rolls with butter portions 


Desserts Package:
Choose Plum Pudding OR Fruit Salad as per package above.
For other dessert choices please refer to our Desserts Menu.


 SERVICE TYPES:      1.  Drop Off;      2. Staff Catered.


  1. Drop Off Service:

For smaller numbers you may choose to use our “Drop Off” service.  A nominal charge of $10 per re-cyclable bowl is applicable where the salads are delivered garnished and table ready.  Use 50+ prices.  No utensils provided.

Delivery fee for our “Drop Off” Service varies depending on delivery address, day and time of delivery.  Starts at $75.


  1. Staff Catered Service:

VALUE / FREE Inclusions FOR Numbers 50+

FREE Equipment:   Mobile Oven OR Commercial Hot Boxes, Gastronome Trays and Chafers with warmers, serving utensils, Bread Basket.

FREE Other Party Items:  Buffet Tables with fitted Red Table Cloths with some Xmas décor.

Optional Extra:  Eco bio-degradable disposable dinnerware (set of plate, knife, fork and Xmas serviette) for only $1.50 pp extra

Eco bio-degradable disposable dessert ware (set of bowl, spoon & Xmas serviette) for only $1.00 pp extra.

FOR Numbers below 50 an additional charge applies if you wish to have on-site catering. Charges as below:

35-49…………………………………………………………………………………………… $195 Additional

25-34…………………………………………………………………………………………… $295 Additional

This surcharge is not inclusive of staff hire prices & only covers the cost of the equipment/buffet set-up.

Staffing:  Staff costs are as follows (evening/public holiday/weekend/travel time surcharges may apply):

  • Chef – min. 4 hours @ $55.00 ph ………………………………………………………$220.00
  • Wait staff – min. 4 hours @ $46.00 ph ……………………………………………….$184.00


Other Party Items you may wish to order:
Eco bio-degradable disposable dinnerware (set of plate, knife fork and Xmas paper serviette) ……$1.00 pp
Christmas luncheon serviettes ONLY (50 pack) ………………………. $8.50.
Refer to our Hire List for any other hire items required.


Booking and Payment:

  • A non-refundable deposit of $200 is required immediately upon confirmation to secure your date.
  • Full Payment is due at least 2 weeks prior to the date of the party/event.  Events booked for December have a 4 week lead time as we close for business from Christmas Day for a recovery break.

For booking and payment terms please click on Booking and Payment.


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