* Items marked with an asterisk are NOT available for a “Drop Off” service.

V = Vegetarian;  GF = Gluten Free (traces may still be present).

Categorised into Chicken, Meat, Fish and Vegetarian items as below.

Please scroll below for service types and also a PDF of the menu.

Chicken Menu:

Marinated Chicken Wings             $2.00

Cocktail Chicken Kebabs w/ satay sauce             $2.95

Tandoori Chicken Bites w/ mint & yoghurt sauce (65g) – GF             $3.95

Chicken Tikka w/ yoghurt & mint sce w/ naan bread (65g) – GF        $3.95


Meat Menu:

Marinated Bite sized Beef Sausages – GF             $2.00

Flame Grilled Italian Meat Balls             $2.00

Chorizo & Baby Octopus Picks             $2.95

Tender Marinated Pork & Cinnamon Apple Bites – GF             $2.95

Mini Lebanese Lamb Kofta on sticks (w/ Tsatsiki) – GF             $2.95

Slow Cooked Beef Skewers – GF             $3.95

Succulent Lamb Souvalaki – GF              $3.95

Beef Ribs – GF             $3.95

Mini Beef Burgers w/ lettuce and horseradish & mustard mayo             $3.95


Fish Menu:

Marinated Baby Octopus Kebabs – GF             $2.95

Cocktail Prawn Kebabs (garlic chilli marinated) – 2 prawn skewers – GF             $3.95

Mango Chilli Salmon bites             $3.95

Mini Tuna Kebabs w/ parsley aioli             $3.95

Mini Fish Tikka w/ coconut & mint sauce             $3.95


Vegetarian Menu:

Spicy Vegetarian Cocktail Sausages – V             $2.00

Marinated Grilled Mushrooms – GF, V             $2.95

Bocconcini, olive and cherry tomato skewers with pesto (cold) – GF, V             $3.95

Marinated Tofu & Eggplant skewers  – GF, V            $3.95

Haloumi and Vegetable Cocktail Kebabs – GF, V             $3.95

Sri-Lankan Vegetable Rolls             $3.95


Other Vegetarian Items:

Vegetarian Sushi Platters

40 pieces   $88.00 /pl

60 pieces   $98.00 /pl

Vegetarian Sandwiches & Wraps Platters (refer “Sandwich/Wraps Platters” list)

Vegetarian Rice Paper Rolls             $3.95

Complimenting Dipping Sauces will also be provided.

Service Types:  “Staff Catered” or “Drop Off” service.


*FREE INCLUSIONS (applicable to 50+ guests with min. of 7 items) for “Staff Catered” Parties:

For numbers between 25-49, a flat fee of $295 applies.

  • Portable Oven (gas included) AND/OR Hot Boxes as required (subject access details).
  • Stainless Steel Gastronome Trays
  • Chafing Dishes with fuel
  • Platters
  • Dipping Sauce Bowls
  • Serving Utensils as required
  • Serviettes
  • Public Liability Insurance.

Prep tables will be required (based on items and number of guests, but usually 2).  You may order these from us at a cost of $25 ea.  Table cloths – fitted navy/red @$15 ea.; fitted white @$25 ea.



1 Chef and 1 Assisting staff are required and must be paid for all “staff catered” finger food parties.

For Staff rates please click on  Staffing.



Minimum Order Value:  $350 ex GST and delivery fee.

Delivery Fee:  from $55 (within 15 km of the Sydney CBD). Graduating scale applies thereafter. Weekend Surcharges apply.


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