Packed with Great FREE Inclusions

FREE Staff:  1 Chef (for under 100 guests) plus 1 Assisting Staff (for 100+).  4 hrs including bump-in & bump-out on site.

FREE Equipment:  Mobile Oven, Gastronorm Trays and Chafers with fuel. serving utensils, Bread Basket.

FREE Other Party Items:  Buffet Tabes with red fitted tablecloths with valance and some Xmas decor.

Optional Extra:  Eco bio-degradable disposable dinnerware (set of plate, knife fork and Xmas paper serviette) for only $1.00 pp extra.

Please note:  All prices are ex GST and a 10% GST must be added to all prices quoted.


 for 50+

 For 75+

 For 100+

 2 Meats Package (add $1pp for Turkey)

 $23.95 pp

 $22.95 pp

$20.95 pp

 3 Meats Package (add $1pp for Turkey)

 $25.95 pp

$23.95 pp

$22.95 pp

 Salads (S) and

 Hot Accompaniments (H)

 2S + 1H

or 2H + 1S

or 3 Salads

 2S + 1H

or 2H + 1S

or 3 Salads

 2S + 2H

or 3S + 1H

or 4 Salads


Additional Salads may be ordered at $1.50 pp from our list below or from our “Premium” range of Salads.

Additional Hot Accompaniments may be ordered at $1.50 pp from the list below or from Option 1 of our generic Hot Accompaniments list.

Desserts Package Special:  Choose Plum Pudding OR Fruit Salad for only $1 per person.

For numbers below 50, an additional charge applies if you wish to have a “Fully Catered” service with one staff included.  Charges are as below:

35 – 49 ………………………………. $155 additional
25 – 34 ………………………………. $275 additional

For these smaller numbers you may choose to use our “Drop Off” service where NO SURCHARGE appllies and you use the prices under the 50+ guests column.  For a smaller menu for “Drop Off” service please click on Christmas in July Drop Off Service Menu and Price.



Roast Meats:
Choose any two or three (based on your price point selected from above) from below:

  • Roast Beef (w mustard)
  • Roast Pork (w apple sauce)
  • Maple Roasted or Butter Roasted Chicken thigh fillets
  • Honey or Apricot glazed Leg Ham served hot (w mustard)
  • Breast of Turkey served hot (w Cranberry sauce) – at a surcharge of $1.00 per person


Hot Acccompaniments:
Choose from below as per package selected from above.

  • Hot Vegetables (corn, peas and carrots) done in butter
  • Baby Carrots done in butter
  • Chick Pea, Pumpkin and Cous Cous
  • Delicious Fried Rice with bacon and prawns
  • Roasted Potatoes or Jacket (boiled) Potatoes or Mashed Potatoes
  • Potato and Cheese Bake – our signature dish you will never forget
  • Hokien Noodles with Asian Style Vegetables
  • Roast Vegetables in Balsamic – s surcharge of $2.50 per person applies.
  • Roast Root Vegetables done  in olive oil and rosemary or Plain roasted Vegetables – surcharge of $2.50 pp applies.


Choose as per package above.  For other salad choices please refer to our generic Salads Menu.

  • Garden Fresh tossed Salad
  • Premium Coleslaw
  • Creamy Pasta Salad
  • Italian Pasta Salad
  • Potato Sour Cream and Chives Salad
  • Traditional Potato Salad
  • Waldorf Salad
  • Carrot and Walnut Delight
  • Curry and Cashew Rice Salad
  • Tropical Hawaiian Rice Salad


Fresh Dinner Rolls with Butter Portions.


Moist & Delicious Individual Christmas Puddings with Custard at Buffet

For a printable menu please click on Christmas in July Menu


To book, simply contact us.

Free call  1300 734 561  with your numbers quoting this offer or ask for a quote.

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