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Sydney Functions Cateing
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Eco-Friendly Green Caterers and Catering Services

We, at Sydney Functions Catering believe that protecting the environment is good business and that “Small steps make a mile”!

Our “Small Steps” in the workplace:

  • Efficient consumption and usage of energy
  • Reduced usage of plastics
  • Consume less, recycle more
  • Use recycled materials where possible
  • Use environmentally friendly cleaning agents
  • Have a set waste management plan
  • Work with like-minded suppliers and influence a change in customer habits
  • Conduct regular eco-reviews of our participation

Our “Small Steps” at events:

  • Offering and encouraging eco-friendly alternatives to our customers
  • Using recyclable materials
  • Using biodegradable materials
  • Using recycled materials
  • Encouraging and assisting recycling at venue sites
  • Supporting charitable groups with leftover food and reducing wastage. We are proud supporters of OzHarvest

We feel happier to be  playing a part.  We invite you to make suggestions to help us improve our efforts.  Please, can you, as our customer or supplier, also work with us to reduce human impact on our fragile environment?  After all, small steps do make a mile!

Note:    Whereas the usage of real crockery and cutlery is a preferred option from an environmental point of view, it is not always the most practical solution.  Using disposables is therefore the alternative.  We offer a choice of more enviro-friendly recyclable, biodegradable dinnerware which, when managed correctly, is a sensible alternative.  Ask us and our staff will be happy to assist in every way possible.