Gold License

It is important to realise that a large number of caterers currently operating do not comply with legislative standards. It is crucial that you use a caterer with confidence, knowing they comply with food hygiene laws and are trained in safe food handling.  For your safety and well-being Sydney Functions Catering offers you a GOLD LICENCE CATERING SERVICE.

What is involved in being a Gold Licence Caterer?

A GOLD LICENCE CATERER has met minimum standards and complies with legislation that is fundamental to a catering business.

Whatever the reason, if you are hiring a caterer there are a few important questions to ask.

A GOLD LICENCE CATERER has been checked with regularity to have the following by an independent Gold Licence Accreditation Board.

  1. Commercial Kitchen – for preparation of food, adequate refrigeration, appropriate facilities for the transportation of food and the handling of food on-site.
  2. Up to date and relevant insurances and Licences.
  3. Experience – the caterer must have at least five years experience within the hospitality industry, in food preparation, catering management or who has a trade qualification in cooking.
  4. The caterer has Safe Food Handling training program in place.
  5. The caterer has Mandatory Responsible Service of Alcohol certification.
  6. The caterer has a charted Food safety plan.

Moreover the above is the very minimum in standards for the safe handling of food.  Often good caterers will exceed these.  But in the interest of health and safety, the very minimum is that you ascertain that your caterer has a current Gold Licence by asking for a copy of their licence.

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